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Get 20% off your VIP CLUB Membership*

Limited Time Offer

Each new student has an opportunity to get 20% off a VIP Club Membership at Dance 411! You get EXCLUSIVE access to all of the drop-in classes in the Adult program including, but not limited to: All Drop-in classes, all Series Classes, all Fitness Challenges, and more. Please take advantage of your membership to the fullest. VIP Club Members also receive discounts towards Masterclasses, Rentals, Private Lessons, and Parties. You set the pace – get full access ALWAYS until you cancel! No registration or cancellation fees.

* New students only, only one promotional offer per student. VIP Club Membership holders can take all classes in our VIP Club program. Some specialty classes offered at member discounted rates. The minimum age is 16 years old, depending on the class. These memberships bill monthly automatically. Regular rates for VIP Club Membership – $199.

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